Dental bridges are used to replace teeth lost by injury or disease. The bridges used in our office are made of natural materials. These materials are also tooth-colored, so your bridge will be absolutely impossible to notice. It will give you back the beautiful smile and the confidence that goes with it. However, the esthetics isn’t the only reason why you should use bridge to replace the missing teeth. The gap between the teeth, if not taken care of in a timely manner, can cause multiple neighboring teeth to shift from their natural positions, which may lead to different complications, including occlusion (bite) issues, periodontal disease, and so on.

Most bridges consist of a pontic (a false tooth) in the middle, and two abutment teeth on both ends. The abutment teeth serve as anchors, keeping the bridge in place. During your first visit to our office, the first thing we need to do is prepare the abutment teeth. It is done by removing any decay from the abutment teeth, as well as removing some enamel in order to make it possible for the crowns to fit onto the teeth. Then we make a mold of the teeth and send it to our technicians to make the bridge. The temporary bridge is then installed to bridge the gap and cover the abutment teeth. You will wear it until the permanent bridge has been finished, which usually takes 10-15 days. After the permanent bridge has been finished, you come to our office for the second time, to install the permanent bridge, thus completing the entire process.

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