Lumineers are an innovative product, manufactured exclusively by Cerinate Smile Design Studio. They represent extremely thin, highly-customizable sheets of porcelain that are used to cover the surface of your teeth, masking stains and other imperfections your teeth might have. Even some misalignments can be corrected by Lumineers, without any use of braces whatsoever, and the color of your teeth can be changed with ease. Placing Lumineers is a reversible process, meaning you can come to us and remove them any time you decide you don’t want to wear them anymore. As said above, they are made from porcelain, but thanks to the sophisticated technology used in the process, these porcelain sheets are extremely thin, resistant, and flexible, all at the same time. This unique combination of qualities allows Lumineers to be placed and removed easily. Thanks to this flexibility, Lumineers are available to everyone, regardless of the state their teeth are in.

The process of placing is completely painless and very simple. During your first visit to our office, we will take measurements of your teeth and send them for manufacturing. The completed Lumineers come back to us in 10-15 days, after which you will visit us for the second time, when the Lumineers will be placed on your teeth. As said above, there is no pain, anesthetics, blood, or any other inconvenience or discomfort. You will have the brand new smile in no time. Anytime you decide you wish to remove the Lumineers, all it takes is one visit to our offices. Removing is just as easy as placing, so there is no need to worry about that either.

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